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Welcome to Monterey Mini Makers!


A place where your child enjoys making a mess and the clean up is on us! Monterey Mini Makers is a bright and cheerful art and sensory studio that gives children ages 2-9 years old opportunities to explore and create art in a safe small group setting. This environment provides a place where children have fun and feel confident problem solving while developing fine and gross motor skills. Our programs are designed especially for children to engage with and become makers using many different types of art materials. Classes are arranged in multi-week sessions which allows for in-depth exploration. 

Eco Friendly
Art Projects


Monterey Mini Makers is committed to using a variety of recycled materials in our art creations. If you have any materials to donate to our mini makers, please let us know!


Ages 2-6 years old

Classes for ages 2-6 years old are enjoyed with a caregiver. Students begin class with creative and fun sensory experiences that facilitate imagination and creativity. Children explore a variety of materials at their own pace to create open-ended art projects in a small class environment. Guided support allows for autonomy to make their own choices and experiment as they problem solve and create. The process of creating art is valued even more than the final product. Our focus is experimentation and having fun!

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